This pleases me a lot to realize that you really want to know about me. Well! Myself Raghvendra Singh Chauhan . I was born on February 5th and currently residing in Michigan, United States. I am a computer post graduate by education so I am enjoying challenges of Information Technology which i always love to involve with.
I am passionate about my desires, my hobbies, sincere people, my own experiences of living and things which I like the most. I always tried my best to become a self motivated person and today i am. I appreciate those with strong moral character. Just like many others, I also have had, and still having setbacks in life. But these days I have learnt to "Let GO". Despite the setbacks in life, my mind is still full of unforgettable happy moments I have experienced. In the course of life everyone of us makes mistakes. We should be able to forgive ourselves and others. It reduces the stress. I go by my instincts, emotions and always try to be practical. I am a dreamer. I do not like violence, humiliation, domination, and untruthfulness towards life. I always try my best not to humiliate anyone anyway. Every day I try to be truthful to myself. It is so difficult! I wonder if I ever be able to achieve it. It is such a difficult task to tame the mind! Mind is so rebellious!! Have you also experienced it?
Since last few years I have been seriously involved in software development. Apart from software development I have many other hobbies too. A few amongst them are Playing Chess, gaining knowledge, helping others etc. Day by day it is becoming more and more difficult to look after all these hobbies. Well! This is all I can briefly describe myself as "me". Is that all about me? I wonder! As the days pass, I feel, still there is something more to know about myself and there is a lot to do for others.