Father(PAPA) Day
Papaji, Pitaji, Bapuji.... The god like figure in our life contribute to our existense or foundation where we stands today. The one, who nurtured us like a gardener's gardening, who shape, teach, mould and accompany to achieve the goal. Is'nt it? Do we care the place he deserve? Are we somewhere around their expectations? Do we need a day to remember him? Do we need to exchange gift/card to remind him?
Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, Beta hamara aisa kaam karega
The day, when we get the test of their countless efforts. What can be the best tribute to such figure. Is gifts, greetings as most people do now-a-days, will this be enough for their constructive contribution? Obviously not, but the achievements in different aspects of life and Real ground work, which feel them proud till the end of life. Encouragement and support from the society to feel that their devotion to the society is appreciated. or even more then this.... Well, still exploring....
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