The purpose of this section is to explore about my thoughts and improve them by having your valuable suggessions. So lets explore -
QUALITIES - I desire and admire
Know and explore my thoughts on FATHER DAY
How can i contribute to make this world a better place to live -
By speaking out sweeter words which should not pained others heart
By smiling to get smile on other face
By realizing heart to understand pain of others
By moving hands to assist the needy
By thinking good for others
.........and many more to explore..........
Realizing value of WORDS
We eat good food to feel good and look good, we dress well to impress others and a lot other things to have a status in society. Did we ever think about the most important thing which matter the most? Did we ever think about words before we speak?
Words – may be a smaller source of conversation but matter most and need to be handled with care while exchanging our ideas with others as it gives life and meaning to the world around us. More importantly, once out, these will become the food for other’s thoughts which may lead to their actions.
Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi Ji - The world known personality, who shapes our country to become independent and devoted his more than half life for the cause, we are enjoying today, but we remember him only on 02 october every year. It seems that he may be known in next generation as it is a national holiday.
Is this the tribute, The father of our nation gets every year?
We remember our father daily, whats about The father of our nation?
How close we progressed to his above thoughts?
Can we build India of his dreams?
how much bapu lives in our values and thoughts?
Are we aware about the weapons he used against britons to end century long slavery?
Lets remember Gandhiji by exploring his ideas on life and progress. Though, it is difficult to follow few gandhi principles in current prospects. We can explore the relevant to our daily routine like I try to implement "Simple living, High thinking" in my routine and life and will explore more on that here later. whats you thinks?
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